> MEA is a small business concern that is independently owned and operated firm specializing in the art of micro-electronic assembly. MEA has a 7,500 sq. ft. facility, which supports both R & D and manufacturing and is conveniently located in the Princeton Region of New Jersey. 

> This facility incorporates the entire manufacturing process from microwave research and development through to the production phase. The facility includes a class 100,000 clean room with wire bond ribbon welding, die attach and microelectronic assembly capabilities. MEA facilities have the capability to support measurements through 40 GHz. All assembly personnel have been trained and certified to the NASA solder and hybrid microelectronic assembly standards. 

> MEA maintains a close relationship with subcontractors in printed circuit board design, prototype machining and various electronic parts manufacturers. MEA meets ISO 9001 standards and is working towards certification. It currently holds to Mil-Std 883 in a lean production environment.